Single Use & Disposable Menu Printing

With new COVID-19 rules coming into place that will affect bars, restaurants, and other public-facing businesses as lockdown restrictions relax, there are bound to be a variety of challenges confronting businesses of all types that weren’t a factor in any meaningful sense beforehand.

One of the key issues, going forward, will be the need for businesses such as restaurants and cafes to be especially diligent about providing a sanitary environment, above and beyond what the health and safety regulations of the recent past detailed.

One excellent way of helping to make your business a more sanitary place, while also allowing yourself to sidestep a lot of potential regulatory issues, and simultaneously enhancing the amount of  trust and goodwill you have with your prospective customers, is by using disposable menus.


Our disposable / single use menu services

Our disposable / single use menu services are tailored specifically to the growing need among various businesses to sidestep the time-consuming logistical issue of sanitising menus again and again, as a result of changes in legislation, and shifts in customer demand, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since we understand that different businesses will have different needs in terms of presentation and menu variety, our disposable / single use menus can be customised in a variety of ways.

Here are a few of the features of our disposable / single use menus:


Our menus are available in the following sizes, to allow for menus which encompass either a selection of speciality items available on the day, or menus which encompass a broad variety of items and meal courses:

A4 Portrait – Flat Size

A4 Landscape – Flat Size

A3 Portrait – Flat Size

A3 Landscape – Flat Size



We understand that any restaurant, bar, cafe, or similar business – regardless of size – will benefit from having the ability to utilise disposable menus going forward.

For that reason, you can tailor the quantity of disposable menus in your order from a handful, to a large number, depending on the number of customers you expect to receive at your business on any given day, or week.

Here are the quantities we offer:







Paper stock

Depending on the type of business you run, and on how you prefer to present your business, being able to choose between an unassuming, simple, coated sheet of paper, or a more glossy silk finish, can make a big difference.

For that reason, we offer the following two options when it comes to paper stock:

120gsm Uncoated

150gsm Silk


In order to give you the option to make each sheet of your disposable menu go further, we provide the option for both single sided and double sided sheets. Among other things, you may choose double sided menus in order to save costs, and as a result of environmental concerns.


We offer both No Fold and Half Fold menus, further enhancing the degree of customisation on offer, and allowing you to present your menus in a more “classical” format, or as a quick and no-nonsense diner style rundown of the day’s offerings.

Some of the benefits of single-use menus

Here are a few of the reasons you might want to purchase a batch of single-use disposable menus.

Creating a more hygienic environment, with less effort

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s probably fair to say that the world by and large is becoming a lot more attentive to germ reduction that it was before – especially in regards to restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Of course, whether as a result of new regulations or simply as an adjustment to customer demand, your business is likely to benefit from a more stringent cleaning process – one that involved disinfecting everything at regular intervals throughout the day.

Disposable, single-use menus are just one way of helping to create a more hygienic environment, without all the work and trouble that is likely to go along with having to have your menus individually cleaned by a member of staff at repeated intervals.

Allowing you to more easily manage frequent menu changes, with a professional appearance

Depending on the type of restaurant or other business you run, you may well wish to routinely change the items displayed on your menu, from one week to the next – if not from one day to the next.

The issue with this is that it can often make it more logistically difficult to present attractive and professional-appearing menus.

Using our single use, disposable menu service can go a long way in helping you to keep your menus looking appealing, while maintaining a dynamic kitchen.


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